Located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali, Rebenga Lounge & Kitchen offers an upscale South American twist to the nightlife in Bali. We are the sanctuary to appreciate the subtle richness of exceptional beverages.
Our secluded facility includes a lounge, bar, outdoor garden, and restrooms. At the rear, we offer spacious parking to accommodate both passenger vehicles and motorcycles, which is moderated by parking security for convenience, surveillance, and safety. Our entrance provides shelter from the rain and is suitable for drop-offs.The entire venue is manned by guards and is equipped with closed-circuit television cameras for preservation of security. At full capacity, our location can entertain up to 150 attendees.

Venue Bookings

Rebenga serves as an exemplary event venue for individuals and organisations to host their private functions. Whether you’re hosting a private party or a corporate gathering, our venue can act as an significant component in your planning process. We invite all event planning professionals to utilize our amenities for their valued clients.

Our event space is suitable for:

Music & Entertainment events , Birthday Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorettes, Wedding celebrations,
Corporate & Executive events, Holiday Parties, Appreciation events


Designed to welcome your presence upon entry, our lobby serves as neutral grounds between our lounge and bar area, and our garden. The lobby is staffed by our receptionist to greet and brief all arriving guests. A sofa is available for any patrons awaiting accompaniment or reservations. We recommend a smart casual dress code, for our patrons to grace our venue in their best aesthetics. Our defined policies restrict the wear of sandals, beach clothing, singlets, or any inappropriate attire, and we retain the right to refuse entry to any inappropriately dressed attendees. Rebenga itself is an experience therefore we implore our patrons to dress accordingly.


Furnished with elegance, our lounge provides seven comfortable sofa sections to enjoy dinner and drinks with centre tables and sufficient lighting. Each section accommodates 5-8 attendees. As an amply air conditioned amenity, our lounge grants patrons the opportunity to embellish themselves in their best aesthetic with comfort, avoiding the displeasure of outfit limitations and perspiration. Wireless internet is available for all our guests to use on their mobile devices to remain in contact with their peers and social networks.
Every corner of our venue is manned by our staff for consistent availability to cater to your requests. We restrict all smoking within our lounge to maintain an optimal atmospheric quality for our guests enjoying their dinner and drinks. However, our sheltered outdoor garden is ideal for those who prefer to head out for a breath of fresh air and a smoke.


Our bar offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, curated from a selection of liquors originating from cultured distilleries around the globe. Our specialty cocktails are crafted to guide you on a trip throughout South America, travelling with every sip.
Bar seating provides comfortable stools for patrons who prefer to remain near the flow of drinks while socializing. Additional coupled high seats and tables are available in front of the bar for a more intimate setting.

Drink Menu

Drafted with expertise, our drink menu offers options for every preferred taste. From the seasoned consumer to the novice drinker, we provide a broad selection of alcohol brands and potencies. Experience our infamous signature cocktails or stick to the or classics.
Immerse yourself in your preference of Aperative, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Bourbon, Whisky, Single Malt, or Cognac.
Enjoy a smoother start to your evening with a glass or bottle of red, white, rose, or sparkling wine.
Alternatively, beer options are available for those who can appreciate a cold cerveza. Non-alcoholic choices such as water, soft drinks, or caffeinated beverages, are available to non-drinkers.

Garden & Smoking Area

Our beautiful outdoor garden is a more serene section of our venue. Equipped with fans, seating paired with tables, and subtle speakers, the garden is sheltered from unexpected precipitation for guests to enjoy fresh air without being affected by undesirable weather. The outdoor bar serves single mixers, unmixed liquors, and other neat beverages. This entire section also serves as a designated smoking area, appropriately staffed for your convenience.


From 7:00 pm, during dinner hours, harmonious tunes command the timbre of the evening, encouraging a more composed, social atmosphere. On a weekly basis, Rebenga offers live entertainment, which includes both local and international distinguished DJs who are responsible for selecting the melodies and setting the musical tone from 10:00 pm each night.
Ongoing drink promotions are frequently offered, such as 2-for-1 selected cocktails, welcome drinks for all ladies, and Belvedere bottle (including mixers) for 1500k++. Alternative promotions are continuously in rotation throughout each week.


The Rebenga Brand aims to establish itself as a preference in Bali’s and Indonesia’s nightlife cultures, and globally. By aligning our actions with our goals, our faculty will strive to imprint a deep-rooted, striking impression, and maintain a 5-star level sensation for our patrons by pledging first class hospitality, delectable food and beverage, and a transcendent experience. Our guests are crowned as the pinnacle of our fundamental priorities, thereby accentuating our vision of imprinting Rebenga as a nightlife chancel that can be appreciated by locals, expatriates, foreigners, and socialites alike.

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